Welcome to Hello Sailor!


Your responsibilities

Please read this page to know your responsibilities and fill out the NEW CREW FORM below to provide your details so that you can be paid.


If you questions at any time, please text Wade or email contact@hellosailorcafe.com.au

Your Position

You are commencing a two week paid trial. To ensure you successfully pass the trial, you must perform well and not be late to shifts.


You are paid full award wages as per the award sent to you on email.

You will be paid every fortnight on a Tuesday night (for the previous two weeks). Funds will be transferred on Tuesday night and should usually reach your bank account on Wednesday or Thursday.

Essential Responsibilities


You must arrive to every shift on time and be ready in the cafe with your apron on, ready to start work at your rostered start time. 

Punctuality is crucial at Hello Sailor and repeated instances will result in disciplinary action.

In the event that you may be running late, you must call or text the supervisor for that shift as early as possible.

Shifts & Availability

You are required to work the days your are rostered. Wade will provide further details on how leave is handled.

A roster will be provided each weekend.

Staff Meals

You are entitled to free hot drinks. You are entitled to a 50% discount off meals. The discount does not apply to cold drinks, cake or alcohol.

Meals must be entered into the POS, the staff discount applied and then paid for prior to consumption (to ensure meals are removed from the point of sale). Any meals not paid for during that shift will forfeit the staff discount and be deducted at next payroll.

What To Do Each Shift

Turn Up On Time

Ensure you are at work in your apron at your rostered start time.

Contact Supervisor Immediately If Running Late

If you are running late, call or text the supervisor for the shift as soon as possible

Sign In

Log in to the Point of Sale once you are ready to start work

Follow Instructions

Follow all instructions of the supervisor

Pay for Your Meals Before Eating

If you wish to purchase a meal, put through the point of sale, apply the 50% staff discount and pay. 

All meals must be paid prior to consumption, otherwise the amount will be deducted at the next payroll without the staff discount.

Go On Breaks When Instructed

Take your 30 minute break when instructed

Sign Out

Log out from the Point of Sale once your shift ends.


What To Do Now

Wade's Mobile

Put Wade's number

into your phone.


Plan your commute to Hello Sailor. 

It is essential you arrive on time so ensure you leave allowance for delays.

Memorise POS Login

Your login is your day of birth and last 2 digits of your birth year.

ie February 23rd 1999 is 2399

Review The Menu

Familiarise yourself with the current menu.

Download Menu

RSA Certificate

Please upload your RSA to the 


provide a hard copy to Wade. 


Use the NEW CREW FORM button below to set up everything up so you can be paid.